Our Specialty

Our passion is making your feel better.

Recent research by McMaster University in Canada shows that massage has measurable level of benefit to help your body heal and recover. We specialize in the aggregate approach to make you feel better.

We take time to understand your specific needs and utilize a combination various techniques to make you feel better.

Our approach is simple but very effective. We start by listening to you and understanding what you want to gain from the sessions. If applicable we will examine your range of motion and the possible problem areas. We will then customize the session to provide you with a complete massage to help you relax but we will focus on the problem areas more and adjust as needed. Our sessions are never the same from client to client. We don’t go through the same routine on every client. Sometimes, our clients desire a very specific massage without regard for a complete massage and that is OK as well. We are here for you…

We utilize a number of techniques, mixing things up depending on the specific client and their needs.

Techniques that we utilize:

  • Deep Tissue (please make sure to let us know if the pressure is too strong)
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Myofascial Release
  • Sports Massage
  • Relaxation/Sweedish
  • Active Movement
  • Passive/Assisted stretching
  • Reiki

Read More about each of these techniques