Watertown Massage Therapy – Belmont/Watertown Location

Welcome to our practice.

We are conveniently located at the Belmont/Watertown line at 10 Trapelo Rd, Ste #1 in Belmont, MA.

You can reach us at 617-899-0120. We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

We provide you with some of the best values in the industry. Read more about our specialty but we use many techniques to ensure we reach the final goal – making you feel better, pain free, and relaxed. If all you want is the relaxation/Swedish massage with the focus on “gentle strokes” and “light tapping” (we actually saw this advertised by one of the practices), you can get a better value through Groupon discounts or other similar sites but you won’t find us offering any of those deals. We can provide you with a general relaxation massage as well, so feel free to book with us as well but where we really excel is in truly understanding the causes of your discomfort, tension and pain and working with you to help you feel better.

For those of you who like deep tissue, by the way, we will ask you to really be honest with us and yourself about your tolerance level. There in no shame in admitting that the pressure is too high even if you are a man.

Human anatomy is complex and our knowledge and experience will help you by focusing on the underlying issues of your condition. Read more about our specialty and call us as 617-899-0120 to book your therapeutic massage session today. For your convenience you could also send us a text message on the right side of any page and we will call you back.

Be healthy! We are here to help you with that…