Multiple Discounts for Massage Therapy with Watertown Massage Associates

We’ve been asked to provide multiple visit discount. It is known  by many names: frequent massage discount, prepaid therapy discount, we even saw some therapists use “massage maintenance plan”. We actually liked the maintenance plan idea.

Anyways, you can see our multiple discount program on “Rates and Appointments” page. We have some of the lowest minimums in the industry. You can get a discount on as few as 4 60-minute sessions, so you can take care of yourself better. With an 8-session massage therapy option, you only end up paying for 7 sessions and get the 8th one free.

We are also extending the same volume discounts to multiple Massage Therapy Gift Certificate purchases. Go ahead, take care of that someone special or get them for your clients or employees.

To make shopping for the Massage Therapy Gift Certificates easier, you can now purchase them on-line. We are working to making navigation to the shopping area a little easier but for now you can purchase them through the link on the bottom of the of the  “Rates and Appointments” page.